Reduce the Impact Your Supply Chain
Has on People and the Planet

AI-powered technology that simplifies the measurement and analysis
of hidden product costs across planetary boundaries


From raw materials and finished goods to production and transportation,
everything has a cost.

The real cost includes the hidden impact that products and services have on society and the environment. But these externalities are difficult to quantify and measure.

This is a problem for organizations looking to make more sustainable procurement decisions.
After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

That’s where Planet Price comes in.

Planet Price® – Calculating the Real Cost of Everything

Planet Price is the world’s most advanced, quantitative sustainable procurement analytics platform for corporate supply chain teams.

Leveraging proprietary AI-based algorithms and commercial-grade data, the Planet Price sustainable procurement analytics platform provides everything you need to perform a top-down and bottom-up analysis of your supply chain, then quantify the impact your procurement decisions have on the planet.


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AI-powered, Automatic Scope 3 Analysis

An organization’s indirect impacts, also known as Scope 3, can contribute up to 80 percent of their total footprint. Planet Price provides a fully automated AI-powered, granular analysis of Scope 3 impacts, then summarizes it in one simple Planet Price metric – providing results in days not months.

Beyond Carbon – Multiple Planetary Boundaries

The Planet Price platform delivers data far beyond just greenhouse gas emissions to include the impact on other planetary boundaries such as: land, water, ozone, air pollution, eutrophication, human health and ecotoxicity.

Go Circular with the Planet Price Calculator

Quickly perform a bottom-up life cycle impact analysis of products in your supply chain in monetary terms. Use the Planet Price calculator to make more sustainable procurement decisions and assess opportunities for more Circular approaches.

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of organizations across many industries that share a key objective: moving to a more sustainable future.

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