A World-first Sustainable Procurement Platform to Address a Planet-wide Problem

When it comes to preserving our planet, we don't have much time.
It won't be long before it's too late.

Measuring the environmental impact of the products and services
across your supply chain shouldn't take long, either.

The Planet Price Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform

The all-in-one Planet Price Platform provides everything you need to quickly, easily, and affordably perform top-down and bottom-up analyses of your supply chain, quantifying the impact your procurement decisions have on the planet.

Earth-saving Benefits

Planet Price is the only solution that quantifies supply chain impact in financial terms across all planetary boundaries.

All Planetary Boundaries

GHGs, Water, Land, Toxic Emissions and others

Monetary Metric

real cost


Results in days,
not months

Precise Measurements

Top down &
bottom up analyses

We're Making It Real

Whether you call them externalities, shadow costs or hidden impacts, it's time we start accounting for them in financial terms. Because the real cost of our supply chain products and services equals more than just the price we pay.

The real cost includes the economic cost plus the unseen impact the products have.

The Planet Price Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform helps you make real change by calculating the real cost of everything.

Beyond Carbon - The Other 80% of the Problem

Most solutions today focus on carbon accounting. But for many industries GHGs represent only 20-25% of an organization's Planet Price.

With Planet Price, you can measure your impact across all planetary boundaries, including GHGs, water, land and toxic emissions.

Key Platform Features

The Planet Price Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform is built using the latest technologies to
maximize performance, usability and data security.

Some key features include:
Multi-regional Data: Includes over 400 industries across 149 countries
Heat Maps: Discover product and supplier hotspots, drill down capabilities
Data Sources: Ingest data from LCAs and EPD libraries
Product Calculator: Facilitates granular, bottom-up analyses

The Planet Price Product Calculator

View the 2-minute video for a brief overview on the Planet Price Product Calculator.

AI Driven
Automatic data mapping
Designed for ease of use
Simple and elegant visualizations
Built on the latest technologies
Commercial-grade data
Market leading impact data sets

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