Revolutionizing Scope 3 Impact Analysis

Planet Price provides the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to analyze and report Scope 3 impact for complex supply chains

The Scope 3 Imperative

Measuring Scope 3Indirect emissions resulting from an organization's upstream and downstream value chain (indirect) impact is critical, as it represents up to 80% of your organization’s environmental footprint.

And with increasing pressure from stakeholders, investors and regulatory bodies, reporting on Scope 3 impact is no longer optional.

But it can be a daunting task, particularly for manufacturing, mining, utilities and other large organizations with significant procurement spend and complex value chains.

Planet Price: Reimagining Scope 3 Analysis

Combining globally accepted best practice methodologies and machine learning capabilities with environmental pricing methods and sustainability analytics, Planet Price provides the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive approach to measuring and reporting Scope 3 impact.

Rapid Results

Contrary to popular wisdom, Scope 3 analysis doesn’t need to be a tedious, time-consuming endeavor.

Planet Price leverages cutting-edge technology to quickly gather, process, and present your Scope 3 data, delivering results in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

Easy and Accessible

Planet Price makes Scope 3 analyses accessible to everyone through a user-friendly interface, automated data mapping and intuitive visualizations.

Results are expressed in a single metric to further simplify data interpretation and management. No Scope 3 expertise or experience required!


Planet Price combines broad supplier and category reporting with high-fidelity, product level analyses to deliver some of the most rigorous and thorough Scope 3 results available anywhere.

And with Greenhouse Gas emissions as well as nature-based impact reporting, Planet Price delivers the most comprehensive Scope 3 analysis in the industry.

A World-first Scope 3 Solution to a Planet-wide Problem

The Planet Price Scope 3 Analysis takes full advantage of the latest features
and capabilities of our Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform

The Planet Price Scope 3 Analysis

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Automated Data Mapping

Planet Price leverages the latest technologies including powerful AI algorithms and large language models to remove the burden of manual data mapping.

Multi-regional Impact Databases

Users can choose from multiple commercial-grade impact databases that span over 400 industries across 149 countries.

Nature-based Reporting

Measuring Greenhouse Gasses is table stakes, but Planet Price takes things to a whole other level by also measuring impacts across all nine planetary boundaries, such as land use, water consumption, toxic emissions and more.

Single Financial Metric

In expressing Scope 3 results in a single ‘Planet Price’ financial metric, Planet Price uses a unique approach to further simplify the complex and daunting task of quantifying Scope 3 environmental impacts.

Intuitive Visualizations

Simple, elegant interfaces and visualizations flatten the learning curve, significantly increases time-to-value and makes Scope 3 analysis accessible to everyone.

Spend Heat Maps

Quickly and easily discover product and supplier hotspots, then drill down for more detailed information.

External Data Sources

Users have the option to ingest data from Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration libraries.

Cloud-based Solution

Access our Scope 3 impact analysis capabilities from anywhere, anytime through our secure cloud-based Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform. Scalability, enhanced security, automatic updates/maintenance, and of course, environmental friendliness, are hallmarks of the Planet Price Platform.

SOC 2 Certified

Planet Price is fully SOC 2 compliant, which demonstrates our commitment to protecting sensitive information and ensuring the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Simple Data Export

All measurement data and results can be easily exported to enterprise systems or for external reporting purposes.

Audit Ready & Regulatory Compliant

As Planet Price leverages a customer-validated, proven Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform and some of the industry’s most reputable and recognized environmental impact databases, all Scope 3 results stand up to regulatory muster.

A Simple, Quick, Clean Process

The Planet Price Scope 3 Analysis is designed to get you up and running quickly
and easily with no data entry or cleansing required:

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