Planet Price Product Calculator

Quickly perform granular, streamlined Life Cycle Assessment analyses of the environmental impact of the
products and services across your entire supply chain.

Calculate the
Real Cost of Everything

The Planet Price Product Calculator allows procurement and sustainability professionals to easily capture information about products and material, then calculate the real cost of the supply chain with granular, high-definition results.

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Rapid, Granular Impact Analysis in Financial Terms

The Planet Price Product Calculator allows supply chain and sustainability professionals to quickly perform granular life cycle impact analyses of all the products across their supply chains.

  • Calculate the hidden costs for all products and material
  • Conduct granular analyses for greater scrutiny
  • Analyse your entire supply chain in days, not months
  • Manage easily with a single monetary metric
  • Analyse supply chains across all planetary boundaries

Smart Technology Combined with Commercial-Grade Data

The Product Calculator uses a combination of smart algorithms, Life Cycle Impact Assessments and environmental pricing to quantify the societal cost of products and services across your supply chain, while globally accepted best practice methodologies and datasets provide reliable, accurate and comprehensive analyses for industrial purposes.

Simple, Automated Process

While the underlying technology may be complex, the user experience is not. Getting up and running begins with a simple Web form, and the rest is automated by our proprietary algorithm and artificial intelligence.

Product-Specific Data

Suppliers enter data about materials, packaging and
recycled content …

Transport Data

… and also information about

Further Environmental Information

If it is available, Suppliers can also enter data from a Life Cycle Impact
Analysis study or Environmental Product Disclosures.

Calculate Planet Price

Using all of this information, the algorithm calculates the Planet Price for the
product or material mix.

Easily Collaborate
with Suppliers

The Planet Price calculator can be used by your suppliers to enter data about the products they supply. Factors like the mass of materials used in products and the percentage of virgin or recycled material are easily captured in the system.

Leverage LCA tools and EPDs

For enhanced accuracy, suppliers can easily enter Life Cycle Analysis data from LCA tools or Environmental Product Disclosure statements, along with transportation, packaging and end-of-life data.

Planet Price Expressed is a Single, Financial Metric

Once all the data has been captured, the Planet Price for all products is calculated. The impact is expressed in a single financial metric. This makes an otherwise complex measurement and analysis process simple, fast and infinitely more manageable.


Example Use Case


Tires, Automotive




Vehicle Tires


Rubber Tires MFG

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