Beca and Planet Price Strategic Partnership to Enhance Client Understanding of Planetary Impact

August 1, 2023 – Beca and Planet Price are delighted to announce they have formalised their existing collaboration through a strategic partnership agreement.

Through the partnership, Beca – a leading multi-disciplinary advisory, design, and engineering consultancy in the Asia Pacific, and Planet Price – a sustainability tech company specializing in AI-powered solutions that calculate the real cost of everything, will empower shared clients with an enhanced understanding of their planetary impact.

The partnership will provide clients with greater measurement, analysis and comprehensive insights into the true planetary costs associated with their supply chains, business operations, and capital projects.

“As organisations around the globe sharpen their focus on the planetary impacts and dependencies of their operations, we saw the clear need and opportunity to help improve understanding and accounting of actual planetary costs,” said Genevieve Smith, Beca Principal, Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory.

“We are therefore incredibly excited about our partnership with Planet Price. Together we will bring the best of our expertise to support our shared clients to both understand and reduce the planetary impacts of their operations.”

The need to reduce negative planetary impact has become a significant priority for organisations, often driven by regulations, policies, and stakeholder expectations. To effectively reduce carbon emissions and mitigate other environmental impacts across multiple planetary boundaries, organisations require efficient data analysis for informed decision-making, coupled with technical consulting expertise to provide practical and workable alternative solutions. Together, Beca and Planet Price seamlessly offer both crucial elements.

It was through the role of Debbie O’Byrne, Co-Founder, Planet Price and Circular Economy Principal for Beca, and a strong endorsement from Beca’s Sustainability Services Innovation Fund, that Beca identified and selected Planet Price as an ideal partner to help advance its sustainability mission around decarbonising the economy and supporting the urgent need to address climate change.

“Digital tools are critically important to enable better and faster feedback loops that incorporate real world impacts into decision-making necessary for future flourishing,” said Debbie O’Byrne. “The work Planet Price has already done in collaboration with Beca has the potential to transform future-built environments by combining deep engineering expertise with cutting-edge AI-driven digital tools. We look forward to applying this technology in exciting ways through this exciting partnership with Beca.”

Planet Price specialises in AI-powered solutions that rapidly and easily measure and analyse environmental and social impact across multiple planetary boundaries. Unlike more complex approaches, Planet Price provides a single monetary metric that quantifies the hidden costs of products and services in financial terms.

Initially, customer activities will be driven through Beca’s Advisory and Transport & Infrastructure groups. However, as organisations increasingly recognize the importance of accounting for externalities, particularly nature-related impacts and dependencies, the Beca and Planet Price partnership will expand its services to support clients across additional industry sectors.

About Beca
With a passion and core focus on sustainability, and delivering the social, environmental and economic outcomes needed for a safer, better tomorrow, Beca is one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent and multi-disciplinary advisory, design and engineering consultancies. Beca brings its decades-long expertise to translate data insight on infrastructure projects and enterprise operations into decarbonisation actions and reduction of negative planetary impact.

Beca’s Sustainability Services Innovation Fund and its New Ventures Accelerator supports partnerships, such as Planet Price, by proactively scanning globally for technology partners that can integrate digital solutions into its consultancy and engineering services, giving clients decision-ready information and insights.

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About Planet Price
Planet Price provides the world’s most advanced, quantitative Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform for corporate supply chain teams. Leveraging proprietary AI-based algorithms and commercial-grade data, Planet Price provides everything companies need to perform top-down and bottom-up, high-definition analyses of their supply chains, then quantify the impact their procurement decisions have on people and the planet.

The Planet Price platform delivers data far beyond greenhouse gas emissions to include impacts on other planetary boundaries such as land, water, ozone, air pollution, eutrophication, human health and ecotoxicity.

For more information about Planet Price and its Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform, visit the Planet Price website at

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